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As an IT company, are you looking for a staffing provider who takes your digital challenges personally? A long-term partner who can provide you with the right IT specialists at all hierarchical levels? Do you value open, trusting communication? For more than 20 years, GECO has specifically handled this task in your industry - nationwide. To ensure smooth processes, we will provide you with a permanent contact person who will thoroughly familiarise himself with your company and respond to your requirements.

Solve your lack of qualified personnel with our network of national and international IT experts:

  • spare your own resources
  • get to the right IT specialists faster
  • cover projects more efficiently
  • increase earnings potentials

You need IT experts at short notice to cover your peak workloads? With our many years of industry expertise, we can provide you with the best people for your company - experienced freelancers whose qualifications match your requirements to a T. Benefit from targeted recruitment methods and our comprehensive pool of experts, so that you can always complete your IT projects on time.

Personnel leasing
Personnel leasing

You would like to convince yourself of the qualities of an IT candidate before you hire him or her permanently? Our personnel leasing provides you with that opportunity. We find the skilled worker you are looking for and lend him or her to your company - in accordance with Equal Treatment and Equal Pay. By placing them on equal footing with your permanent staff, we increase employees’ motivation and establish a foundation for long-term relationships. After the lease expires, you may transition into a permanent position.

Permanent Placement
Permanent Placement

Are you looking for IT specialists for a long-term permanent position? Desirable personalities who are a perfect fit for your company, both professionally and personally? As you know: These experts are hard to find. Let our personnel service handle this complex task for you. With our precise knowledge of the market, we will quickly connect you with the right candidates. This lets you avoid expensive wrong personnel decisions - and achieve long-term successful employment relationships.

Candidate Matching

CVs and certifications are not enough to determine a candidate's suitability. That's why we use matching and evaluation procedures that have been tried and tested over many years and which match the personal and professional characteristics of the applicant to the requirements of your company. The following factors play a decisive role:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Mindset
  • job-specific qualifications

akquinet outsourcing gGmbH

GECO is always seeking and finding qualified specialists for the fluctuation and growth of our service desk. By regularly accompanying the candidates into the interview, placement results are excellent, and the cooperation throughout the lease also runs reliably and smoothly.


In times of a shortage of skilled workers and ever faster development cycles, it is crucial to have access to the right know-how at the right time. GECO’s optimised and highly effective personnel service support covers our need for external specialists. This was the only way we were able to find the right specialist for the implementation of a project, in spite of an extremely short lead time.
I particularly like how fast and uncomplicated this process is - and the results we have been able to achieve together bear testimony to its success. Regular communication and professional processes complete my positive overall impression.

renowned media company

In the course of our cooperation I have come to appreciate GECO as a reliable and flexible partner who was always able to support me with IT experts at short notice. All related issues were handled in an uncomplicated, accommodating and goal-oriented manner. The resources used in my projects also felt well taken care of by GECO. I will be happy to work with GECO again for any future resource shortages!

Bechtle GmbH

In Lower Saxony, the Bechtle-Systemhaus Hanover successfully works with GECO. GECO has proven to be a very reliable partner and contributes decisively to the end-customer's success. The close communication with the GECO contact persons is always pleasant and goal-oriented. This is where GECO's corporate philosophy becomes clear; the close contact with deployed GECO employees and with Bechtle has a positive effect on the management of business issues.

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