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As an IT company embracing the challenges of digital transformation, you're not merely in search of a staffing agency but a dependable partner who, aside from providing IT specialists, offers expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) across all levels of hierarchy. You highly value transparent and trustful communication.

For more than 25 years, GECO has been dedicated to this unique mission within your industry, serving clients across Germany. To ensure seamless operations, we assign you a dedicated contact who deeply understands the intricacies of your business and precisely meets your needs, with a particular emphasis on integrating AI and ML expertise into your team.

A comprehensive range of AI capabilities to suit your roadmap

Discover our wide range of AI capabilities tailored to your roadmap. Explore our diverse AI solutions perfectly aligned with your roadmap, from consultation & analysis through planning & design to implementation and support.

AI Skillsets

  • AI Developer
  • AI Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI Solution Architect
  • AI Research Scientist
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer
  • AI Product Manager
  • AI Consultant
  • AI Ethics Specialist
  • Robotics Engineer with AI Focus
  • Prompt Engineer

GECO AI-Services


We boast experts ready to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence. Across various AI fields, including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, we maintain a vast pool of seasoned specialists.


We possess decades of expertise in sourcing experts through our "Subject Matter Expert Principle." Our recruiters are specialized in specific subject areas and have extensive networks.


Whether it's complete teams, augmentations to existing teams, or specialists who have already supported your competitors with AI challenges, we collaborate with you to find the right resource for your upcoming tasks.


More affordable than large consulting firms, yet with more experience and resources than smaller providers, GECO is the ideal solution for your organization.

Flexible AI Services


Where are you on your AI journey? Our flexible services adapt to your plans. Are you just getting started? We support you from consulting to implementation. Or are you already integrated? We connect to your roadmap and optimize as required.

AI Overview


Leveraging our extensive experience and commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, we provide highly skilled teams that are not only experts in AI technologies but also excel in integrating AI into business processes.

Application example: Healthcare

The deployment of generative AI within healthcare unlocks transformative possibilities, stretching from drug discovery to patient care. AI algorithms dissect extensive data pools, swiftly identifying novel compounds, thus expediting new drug developments. Electronic health records gain enhancements from AI through sharper diagnoses and superior treatment protocols. AI-enhanced chatbots refine communication between patients and physicians with tailored health advice and efficient appointment scheduling. The fusion of technology providers with healthcare services embeds AI into health platforms, markedly elevating operational efficiency and the caliber of patient care, aligning with the envisioned advancement and accessibility in healthcare services.

Application example: Manufacturing

AI technologies herald a new era in manufacturing, optimizing production workflows like never before. Reinforcement learning empowers robots to learn manufacturing tasks with greater efficiency and precision, significantly amplifying production output. Key in automating, AI systems undertake machine programming and process supervision, slashing error rates and boosting efficiency across the board. Partnerships between software developers catalyze the adoption of AI-driven simulations, refining manufacturing processes. Such technological leaps transform the sector by reducing costs and enhancing product quality, setting a new standard in manufacturing excellence.

Application example: Fintech

Fintech firms are reshaping the financial landscape through AI innovation. Robo-advisors such as Wealthfront and Betterment utilize algorithms that harness machine learning to tailor investment advice, aligning strategies with individual financial goals and risk profiles. This tech facilitates a more effective adjustment to investors' objectives and risk preferences. AI's prowess extends to fraud detection, analyzing transactional and behavioral data in real-time to thwart fraud. Banks and startups are incorporating AI for a personalized banking experience, offering chatbot-driven financial advice and virtual assistance for account management, making finance more accessible and tailored than ever.

Application example: Insurance

In insurance, AI is revolutionizing underwriting by leveraging vast datasets, including demographic insights and historical claims data, for refined risk analysis and pricing. AI expedites claims processing through natural language processing algorithms that scrutinize documents and customer interactions, hastening claim settlements. AI-driven chatbots and predictive analytics enhance customer engagement, offering personalized support and aiding insurers in understanding client preferences and identifying potential churn risks, thereby forging stronger customer relationships and fostering loyalty in the competitive insurance market.

Application example: Retail

Retail experiences a paradigm shift with generative AI, crafting personalized shopping journeys by analyzing consumer data for bespoke product recommendations. This innovation accounts for purchasing patterns, online behavior, and demographic factors, significantly boosting customer engagement and conversion rates. AI optimizes inventory management via precise demand forecasting, considering historical sales and external variables such as weather conditions. Dynamic pricing strategies, responsive to demand and competitive landscapes, empower retailers to enhance revenue and profitability, showcasing AI's potential to revolutionize retail operations and customer satisfaction.

Application example: Transportation and Logistics

AI revolutionizes the transport and logistics industry by optimizing delivery routes, minimizing fuel expenses, and reducing delivery timelines. These intelligent systems evaluate traffic, weather forecasts, and delivery constraints to identify the most efficient pathways. Predictive maintenance uses AI to analyze sensor data and performance indicators, foreseeing potential failures and scheduling proactive maintenance, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless delivery capabilities, reflecting AI's critical role in enhancing operational efficiency and reliability within the logistics sector.

Application example: Supply Chain Optimization

AI offers cutting-edge solutions for streamlining supply chain operations, analyzing diverse data sources to forecast demand accurately and allocate resources efficiently. This strategic optimization reduces costs, improves service quality, and enhances operational efficiency, making supply chains more agile and responsive to market dynamics. The adoption of AI-driven systems positions companies advantageously in competitive markets by allowing them to swiftly adapt to changes, highlighting AI's transformative impact on supply chain management and operational agility.

Application example: Travel Companies

Travel firms leverage AI to provide tailored travel suggestions, analyzing customers' preferences and historical booking data. This technology suggests customized travel itineraries and accommodations, meeting travelers' specific requirements and aspirations. Dynamic pricing and revenue management adjust prices in real-time, optimizing revenue and profitability. AI-driven chatbots streamline customer service, offering immediate assistance and efficiently managing inquiries, thus improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. These innovations enhance the travel experience, fostering loyalty and setting new standards in personalized travel services.

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