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Diversity with
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GECO has been around for a long time - and there is a good reason for that: our much-appreciated, diverse team. We currently combine people from ten nationalities and of all age groups in our offices throughout Hamburg and Munich - from trainees and students to company veterans with more than 20 years of service. They are all individualists whose different areas of focus within IT complement each other harmoniously, and who work with each other as equals.

For more than 80 years, Yoh has been providing comprehensive human resources solutions, providing specialists for jobs and projects that are crucial to our customers' success. The focus is on aerospace, engineering, government services, health care, natural sciences, information technology and telecommunications. Yoh meets immediate staffing needs and provides enterprise workforce solutions, including managed services, recruitment process outsourcing, vendor management systems, independent contractor compliance, and payroll. Visit www.yoh.com to learn more.

In short: It is thanks to this team that we have brought together thousands of IT specialists with the right companies.

Our team

Markus Reefschläger

Managing Director

Karin Dubielzig

Authorized Officer

Conny Zitelli

Division Manager Account Management

Odette Mallqui Chacon

Division Manager Recruitment

Kristina Bechtel

Head of Contract & Billing

Michail Bartonietz

Department Manager Recruitment

Angelika Arghiani


Christian Reinelt

Senior Account Manager

Christoph Brezinski

Finance & Controlling

Clark Tannas


Clementine Mockross




Daniel Frischknecht

Branch Manager Engineering

Djamel Tellissi

Dual Student - Business Administration

Giulia de Flart

Key Account Manager / Teamlead

Insa Lantow

Contract & Billing

Juliana Rodrigues Völkl


Lisa Malyschkin

Account Manager

Marie Grabb

Account Manager

Martin Witt

Key Account Manager

Muhamet Fejzulai


Nadin Hassoun

Parental Leave

Nadin Schöne

Personnel Officer

Niels Brandt

Senior Account Manager

Robin Warning


Stefanie Wiebusch


Vanessa Martens

Account Manager 

Waldemar Schneider

Key Account Manager / Teamlead

What is our connection to the gecko?

What does our name GECO remind you of? A small lizard? That's no coincidence! We have actually discovered many similarities between our IT personnel services and this fascinatingly colourful creature.


Geckos are among the oldest animals in the world - they have been living on our planet for about 50 million years. We haven't been around for quite that long, but with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have long since become one of the mature experts in our industry. Many of our employee and customer relationships are also long-standing.


There are about 100 different species of geckos, in a variety of colours. Our offices are also a colourful mix: People of different nationalities, age groups and levels of experience form a powerful team.

Active during the day and at night

Some geckos are more active during the day, some at night. Our team also includes early risers as well as employees who do their best in the late hours. Our flexible working time models make it all possible.


Geckos can be found in a wide range of habitats: from the desert and savannah to tropical forests and rocky mountain ranges. We also adapt –  preferably to your needs. To this end, we bring together employees with various IT specialisations.


Upon hatching, little geckos are immediately independent. To ensure that our young team members can also quickly stand on their own two feet, we promote their practical training.


Geckos can be very quick. So can we! With flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths, we achieve  results fast, without any loss of quality.

Breaking down barriers

Running up glass walls? No problem. Thanks to their adhesive toes, geckos can overcome almost any obstacle. We also never lose our grip on our projects and make the impossible possible - our team spirit and creative ideas make sure of that.

GECO Statistics




Tea drinkers






Recreational athletes


Coffee drinkers


Early birds


Female Executives

Our history

Our first employee’s story

My name is Karin Dubielzig, I am the authorised signatory at GECO and the first employee to start her career here more than 20 years ago. I have witnessed and participated in the development of the company from the moment of its birth.

August 2020

Our training program continues, and we are again welcoming new trainees to the team.

March 2020

Our GECO family is sticking together, even throughout the Corona crisis. Due to our digital business model, working from the home office is no problem.

March 2019

We are increasing the effectiveness of our reporting and controlling by introducing the Power BI business analysis service.

January 2019

In order to work in an even more focused way, we divide account management into the areas of Sales and Permanent account management (SAM and PAM).

April 2018

GECO turns 20: We celebrate this occasion with a big party.

March 2018

GECO has long since developed from a start-up into an established company in the IT staffing provider sector. Company founder Günter Hilger therefore feels that the time has come for him to withdraw from managing the company. He sells  GECO to Yoh Services LLC - an international group under whose umbrella we can continue to remain true to ourselves. Not only does our business model remains the same, so do our corporate philosophy and our team.

November 2017

The GECO family continues to grow. Our headquarters in Hamburg  are expanded by means of a conversion.

April 2015

After passing through several team lead positions, Markus Reefschläger joins the management team.

September 2013

We are breaking new ground in training: In collaboration with the FOM University in Hamburg, we award our first places for the dual study programme in Business Administration.

June 2012

Our successful quality management is now also documented: We become certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Summer 2008

We celebrate GECO’s tenth anniversary and organize workshops with all employees on Mallorca.

May 2004

Our growth requires a relocation in Hamburg. The first tenant in the building, GECO moves into the  15th floor of the Silo at Schellerdamm 16.

Spring 2002

We open a second location in Munich. The north-south split brings us closer to our nationwide customer base and pool of skilled personnel.

End of 2001

As a result of the burst dot-com bubble, GECO also suffers setbacks. Thanks to our already established structures, we are weathering the crisis - and learning from it: From now on, we will be increasing our sales efforts.

August 2001

The first trainees join our team.

December 2000

Our future managing director Markus Reefschläger starts his career at GECO career as a recruitment assistant.

February 2000

The Federal Employment Agency issues our permit to provide temporary IT staff -  the permit has been perpetual since 2004.

Summer 1999

The name GECO has spread throughout the corporate world, our phones hardly stop ringing. Skill matching is still performed via Excel questionnaires in hard copy. The number of employees reaches double digits - and the premises become too small. We rent an additional floor in our office building.

January 1999

Our team now consists of four people. We organise our first kick-off meeting in Lisbon.

May 1998

Finally: the first real office address at Winsener Straße 64 in Hamburg.

April 1st 1998

Günter establishes the IT consulting and services company GECO (Gesellschaft für EDV-Consulting und Dienstleistung mbH).

Autumn 1997

Many companies are afraid of a potential computer problem at the turn of the millennium - the Y2K/Millennium bug. Our managing partner to-be, Günter Hilger, therefore developed the idea of providing IT specialists.

The first weeks

The company's office is located in my living room - equipped with a folding desk, PC, mobile phone, fax machine and my personal analogue telephone connection. Meaning: Fax and internet do work, but unfortunately not at the same time.

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