When IT staff retires

The very first cohorts of IT experts will soon be retiring. Companies need to plan for the generational shift and look to recruit professionals from…

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Defying the shortage of skilled workers - with long-term project planning

Germany's public authorities are undergoing massive digitization. This is further intensifying the competition for IT specialists. How can companies…

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More IT candidates – through faster commitments

Good IT professionals can virtually choose their jobs. That's why companies should shorten the „time-to-hire“ in order to attract more IT candidates.

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Machine Learning: Clever computers, intelligent companies

Machine Learning is becoming more and more important - for companies, but also for our everyday lives. Read here why this is so!

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Bogus self-employment - a risk for freelancers

Tips from IT personnel service providers on how to prevent bogus self-employment

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eBook "Migrating to the Cloud"

Do you have a new cloud migration project coming up? Then you can get support for your project here.

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Creating a résumé - Tips for IT applicants from a recruitment agency

Are you having trouble writing your résumé? We will show you what is important and what an optimal profile should look like.

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Munich office presents itself in a new look!

Our GECO branch in Munich is leaving Haar and has found a new office in Munich Riem.

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Yoh Acquires GECO

Yoh Acquires GECO Deutschland, a Hamburg, Germany-Based Recruitment Firm Specialising in IT

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